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Recherche Marketing - Toronto, SEO - Toronto, Promotion des Ventes - Toronto, Campagnes de Publicité - Toronto

Infoisinfo is an online directory linking companies and professionals from different sectors and economic activities, making it a free and effective way of promoting businesses and finding services on the Internet. 

Available since 2010, Infoisinfo is a community for users seeking companies and professionals in a total of 27 countries: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland, Nigeria and Netherlands.

It offers companies and professionals from these countries the chance of promoting their business on the Internet, consolidating itself as a simple but powerful business management tool. This tool already links more than 12 million registered companies and nearly 5 million unique users/month in your community. 

We have developed a very intuitive and detailed system of statistics for our business users. Infoisinfo provides you with reports detailing the necessary information to enable you to control and understand the activity of your Infoisinfo profile. Easy to use and understand. 

Infoisinfo gathers data from your visitors so you can more clearly understand the trends and behaviour of your potential customers. Additionally, Infoisinfo’s reports identify which formulas work and which need to be improved, in order to optimise visitor numbers and contacts received. We have two types of statistics available: 

-Free Adverts: This type of advert offers basic statistical data such as the total number of visits that a company has received on Infoisinfo, broken down by the visits or impressions the Company has received in the Results List and in the Company Profile section. 

-Display Adverts: This type of advert offers specific statistical data, broken down in relation to the impressions your company has received, both in the Results List and in the Company Profile section, as well as the number of contacts and click-throughs received, broken down into different categories: See Webpage, Send Email, See Map…  There are also additional filters whereby you can break down information relating to your company by geographical location, by various categories, and by date ranges. 
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Activating your Company and Display Adverts 

For professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as for companies, particularly smaller ones, the search facility is a safe, independent, and inexpensive alternative way of promoting services and businesses locally. 

The company or professional that wishes to activate their profile can do so for free by filling in their contact information at

-          Improve their SEO positioning, via Infoisinfo, and the acquisition of quality links. 
-          A larger online presence and visibility. 
-          Attainment of better hits and quality leads.   
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Infoisinfo is a community for users seeking companies and professionals that continues its international expansion, with the aim of having a presence in 32 countries by the end of 2016.  
  1. Spain (
  2. Brazil (
  3. Mexico (
  4. India (
  5. Colombia (
  6. Portugal (
  7. Peru (
  8. Chile (
  9. Argentina (
  10. Philippines (
  11. Australia (
  12. Indonesia (
  13. Russia (
  14. Turkey (
  15. United Kingdom (
  16. Pakistan (
  17. Bangladesh (
  18. France (
  19. Italy (
  20. Germany (
  21. Ireland (
  22. Canada (
  23. New Zealand (
  24. South Africa (
  25. Poland (
  26. Nigeria (
  27. Netherlands (
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Commentaires sur Infoisinfo Canada (1)

cholo21 17/04/2015

Infoisinfo has helped me achieve a much better Internet presence and increased visibility.

It has helped me through the SEO positioning that Infoisinfo performs in Google to attract good quality traffic at a very good price, less than 15$ per month.

I would recommend it to other users that are looking to improve their website positioning. Furthermore, when I signed up to a Display Advert, they supplied me with a good PageRank follow link to my website, which also helps to improve my Web position.

They offer a customer service which responded quickly to the queries I posed.

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